Outdoor Wedding Ideas and Tips

Outdoor wedding ideas are easier to come by since nature will lend a huge helping hand. Any wedding is a life-changing event, but an outdoor wedding is an event that will keep your guests talking for years to come, if it is properly planned.


If you are considering an outdoor wedding, you need to put together your theme early and be sure to coordinate the theme to include your reception. Many times a wedding of this type will be followed by a reception at the same venue (especially if on a private residence). If the venue is going to be different, then you will have the choice of an indoor or outdoor reception.

The décor of the wedding itself is very important in relation to the venue. Pick a venue that compliments your theme or choose a theme that compliments the venue.


Very rarely will a person who was not invited attend a wedding ceremony, so seating is not normally an issue. However, it is best to be prepared and have a few extra chairs with the skirting available. This is especially relevant in an outdoor wedding because whichever site you’ll choose for your ceremony, weddings will not be what it’s normally used for. So make sure that you have adequate seating arrangements. Don’t set up too many extra chairs that are not scheduled to be filled because that will probably make other guests wonder who did not show up for your wedding.


We have all seen those “blooper” videos of weddings gone wrong. Have you ever noticed that the best of the best normally take place at an afternoon outdoor wedding? All of a sudden, hail starts falling or it starts raining heavily.

It is therefore imperative to consider a potential refuge from the weather if things go wrong.


Not all wedding photographers are created equal. When choosing a photographer, ask for work samples specifically from projects they have completed on outdoor weddings that took place at the specific time your wedding will take place and preferably at similar venues and sites to yours. This will allow you to get a “preview” of what your own wedding photos will typically look like.

Discuss and brainstorm outdoor wedding ideas with your partner thoroughly. With a little bit of preparation and planning you can have a successful and memorable wedding for yourself or for the person that trusted you with the preparation.

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